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A Purposeful Life

My child, I know your heart, your desires and your fears. I know your thoughts even before you think them. I care about every aspect of your life. Let Me take over where you have been trying to control. Give Me the reins of your life and I will lead you into My path. I will guide you into a purposeful life. Let go My child and trust Me.

Your Father who loves you deeply

Watch out for Satan!

Our difficulty in choosing God over self is complicated all the more by the presence of a powerful adversary. When God banished Satan from heaven, He sent him here. Have you ever asked yourself why God, who “knows our frame” and is “mindful that we are but dust,(Psalm 103:14) would place us in a world controlled by Satan and his minions? Outside of God’s intervention, such a world leaves domination by Satan as the only reasonable prospect.

We don’t have a chance without God! Even with the power of God’s Spirit residing within, our ongoing struggle with self-will is greatly affected by the challenges Satan presents. So it’s critical that we understand Satan’s role in bringing about the domination of sin over people’s lives.

The enemy presents sin as good and pleasurable—concealing the bondage, fear and unhappiness it always brings. By its very nature, sin stirs up hope in the human heart. It’s a lot like the hope inspired by the promises Hitler made, which ultimately led to the loss of some fifty million lives in World War II. The Nazis offered the German people prosperity and future peace in return for allegiance to Hitler and his cause. But all along their hidden agenda was complete domination, not only of the world but of their lives as well. The destruction their collaboration ultimately caused is a graphic reminder of the consequences sin always brings in the end.

Excerpted from: Free from the Power of Sin: The Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself



Infinite and Eternal

My child, I am infinite and eternal. I have always been and will forever be. Sing for joy because you serve a victorious King. Your hope is not in the material world, but in the Creator of the super-natural realm. I rule over all. I am in control of all. Never doubt My ability to step in and change impossible situations. Call upon Me and I will answer. I will be with you in trouble. I will rescue you and honor you. With a long life I will satisfy you and let you behold My salvation.

Psalm 91:15&16

Love and Serve

My child, I have called you to love and to serve. You will experience My peace as you allow Me to love others through you. You will have joy as you serve. You will walk in freedom as you fully surrender to Me. Most people fear their loss of freedom if they fully give themselves to Me, but that is the very thing that will allow them to gain it. One of the biggest lies of the evil one is that you must always be in control. Give complete control to Me and watch the enemy flee.

Galatians 5:13&14  James 4:7

My Path For Your Life

“My child, I give your life order. I put you on My path and bring you into your purpose. All things come together as you seek Me above everything else. Give up striving to get your own way. Let go of all control. Become the person I’ve made you to be. The plan I have for your life is so much better than what you have in mind. Give Me your life and watch Me perform miracles.”

Your Father in heaven who adores you.

Walk in My Light

Blessed are you My child, who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Blessed are you who are pure in heart and seek to know Me day and night. For My light will break through like the dawn and you will be led out with rejoicing and praise. You will be satisfied with good things because I delight in you. Do not fear when times get tough and days are dark. For I illumine your path. Walk in My light and truth. The days are getting darker and times are tougher, but I am in control. I am making My bride ready for My return. Don’t cling to earthly things. Keep your eyes focused on Me and Me alone. Delight in Me. I am coming quickly and My reward is with Me. Rev. 21:12