Stake Your Life on It!

Our freedom in Christ is described in the Bible as a prize—a gift to be cherished. The Apostle Scholars recreate historical documents from copies which exist today. Not more than a dozen copies remain for most ancient writings, often more than a thousand years older than the original. Yet we routinely depend on their accuracy.
     So what about the Bible? Is it reliable? Can it really be trusted? The New Testament was written in Greek some two thousand years ago. Think about this: biblical scholars have scads more copies to work from than even the best works of antiquity—more than five thousand, in fact. And they are much closer in age to the original texts. If that were not enough, almost the entire New Testament can be reassembled from other documents quoting from the originals lost to history. In short, there is a virtual storehouse of information available for scholars to crosscheck. This is an uncontested fact among all scholars.
     The Bible trustworthy? You can bet on it!


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