About Dan Lemburg

Dan LemburgI was raised in a Christian home, but hadn’t come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until the day I was powerfully born again in a Denny’s parking lot at age 22. What a miracle of transformation that was! And it really stuck. As I write, I have just had my 41st birthday as a child of the King.

I am veteran of Christian service. While never having formally served pastorally, over the years I have been involved in many aspects of ministry life: from counseling, to Bible teaching, to eldering. My primary spiritual gifting is that of teaching, which I do mostly in home groups through my church. And as you can see, I have also authored a book, a study in the Scriptures centering on the provision God has made for intimacy with each of His children through Christ Jesus. You can purchase it here. Check it out!

In addition to serving the local church, I am currently the president of a small group of Christian radio stations on California‚Äôs central coast, of which I am also the founder. This is a non-profit ministry and I serve as a volunteer. I have always made my living as an self-employed businessman. God is good, isn’t He?

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