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Life in Me

My child, don’t get caught up in doing when I am more interested in you being. Being who I created you to be. Be in Me. I am in you. Remain in Me as you go about your day. Walk by My Spirit and you will not carry out the deeds of the flesh. Only as you live in Me will you be able to carry this out. I desire that you walk in newness of life. Life in Me. Daily surrendered, set apart with you mind focused on Me. Only then can I do through you what I have purposed from the beginning of time. Remain in Me.

The Center of Your World

My child, let Me be the center of your world. Let Me be the topic of your conversation. Let Me be your focus and top priority. I will give direction to every other part of your life when you put Me first. Give Me the first fruits of your labor. Give Me the first part of your day. Let Me lead and direct you into My path and calling on your life. What joy and freedom comes when you put Me first in every area of your life.
Your Father who wants the best for you.

Live Now

My child, be patient in the wait. Live today in the joy of My strength. Learn to be present in each and every moment. Don’t regret the past and don’t put all of your hope in future events. Live today in the now.

Know That Your Redeemer Lives!

Know that I am in complete control.
Know that I will see you through this.
Know that I love you with everlasting love.
Know that you are My chosen on, My beloved.
Know that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.
Know that your Redeemer lives!

My Timing

My child, I am answering your prayers and you are starting to see the evidence of it. You will continue to see My plan unfold as time goes by. Remember, My timing is not your timing. Rest in My ways. They are so much higher than yours.

Don’t Lose Hope

My child, loyalty, all out devotion, one hundred percent, nothing held back, bond slave, servant, sons and daughters. This is what I am longing for. Life on earth is temporary. Life with Me is eternal. Don’t put your hopes and dreams in the things of this earth. I have so much more for you. Don’t let the things of this world distract you. Seek Me with everything you’ve got. I will show you the path I have laid out for you. I will lead you in My plan for your life. Don’t lose hope and don’t take you’re eyes off of Me. In Me is fullness of joy.

This World is Volatile

My child, if you keep your eyes on the earthly you’ll miss out on what I’m doing in the supernatural. This world is volatile and under the influence of the evil one. I operate in the heavenlies and in you. My power is greater than he who is in the world. Look up. Stay focused on Me and do not let the cares of this world consume you. 1 John 4:4

Do you trust Me?

My child do you believe that I can do the impossible? Do you trust Me with what seems like an insurmountable situation? Have faith child. I will work this out for My glory. I am in control and I will not fail you.

This is Service

My child, there are a lot of things you would rather have done without, but chose to endure for the sake of others. This is service. This is humility. Going against doing your own thing to please another. So when you’re tempted to do your own thing, come to Me first. Release it to Me. If it’s in My plan for your life, I’ll show you and you can proceed. If not, then it’s best to leave it alone. I have something better for you. This is the hardest thing for My people to learn. Learn it well My child. It’s your only chance of success.