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Abundant Life

My child, how My heart burns for you. I long for you and the time we spend together. I enjoy your company. I am thrilled when we’re together. Nothing thrills Me more than when you come and spend time in My presence. When asked which is the greatest commandment in the law, I responded, “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul and with all of your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend the whole Law and Prophets.” Do these two things and you will experience a joy filled life, a life of adventure and complete satisfaction. Only when you give yourself to love Me and others, is when you will receive all I have for you. I came to give you life.  Come to Me today and enjoy the abundant life I have for you. People want abundant life, but they are going about it the wrong way. This is the only way. Matthew 22:37-40 John 10:10

Open Your Heart

My child, when you placed your trust in Me you became holy. When you believed that I came to save you, you entered into My family and became My child. You do not need to earn My approval. You already have it because you belong to Me. I am your Father who loves you and I desire to bless you. Received all of the gifts I have for you. Open your heart and your mind to Me. I have much I want to share with you.

Release All To Me

My child, life is hard, but I can bring joy in the midst of your trials if you allow Me to. I will set your feet on a firm foundation of peace so even when your world rocks, you will not be shaken. You will have such a deep knowledge of My provision that you will not be moved. Let Me bring you to this place. Do not resist by trying to control every circumstance in your life. Release all to Me. I am you Rock. I am the builder of your house. Trust in Me, not in the world around you, your Father who cannot be shaken. 


My child, do not let fear rule your life. Replace fear with faith. When fear comes, tell it to leave. You don’t have to let it take up space in your mind. Stand and resist and it will flee. Turn to My Word and place your trust in Me. Do not let the enemy beat you up with fear. You are an overcomer. You are My child and I have the last word. Believe Me instead of the lie of the evil one. 

Keep Focused

Be careful that you don’t get caught up with what the world teaches. Each generation goes their own way, but I have a remnant that remains true to Me. Be set apart from this culture. Be salt and light to this generation. The sins of this world will entangle you, so stay pure. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I have given you discernment. Walk according to My ways. Keep your eyes focused on Me. I will keep you from falling. You are secure in Me when you keep your eyes focused on Me alone.

I Am Your Strong Tower

My child, I know your heart and your desires. I understand you better than you understand yourself. My love for you is deep. My desire is for you to know Me in such an intimate way that you will understand My call on your life. You have nothing to fear. Your life is in My capable Hands. My desire is for you to trust Me completely and believe Me with everything you’ve got. When all of life’s circumstances seen to be going in the wrong direction, hold onto Me. I am your strong tower and your refuge. I will never let you go or abandon you. Let go of all your fears. Let go of all your doubts and trust Me. Believe Me and come to Me. I will give you rest, peace, joy and fulfillment. You will be complete in Me. I love you with a love that is not experienced here on earth. I love you enough to die in your place so that you would be able to live and spend eternity with Me.