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Transforming Power

Are you alive to God? Is your soul satisfied and fulfilled? Have you ceased striving after the things of this world, trying to fill up only what God can? Let His Spirit flood yours. Let Him in to the deepest crevasses of your heart. Allow His healing touch go deeper. You will never be the same after you experience the transforming power of God’s love. Won’t you surrender completely to Him today?

Be Bold

I have allotted to each a measure of faith, and I have equipped you with everything you need to carry out My purpose for your life. Don’t shrink back or live in fear. Be a bold witness, exercising the gifts I have given you. This life is meant to be lived, not just to go through the motions. Love and live to the full. Make the choice and I will fill you with My Holy Spirit to flow through you, love through you and live through you. Romans 13:3  15:13


Suffering can strike at any moment. You have to hold onto Me. I am your anchor, your rock and your peace through the storms of this life. The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to you. Hang on to Me. I will bring you safely through to the other side.  Romans 8:18

I Am Strong

Let the weak say I am strong! By My Holy Spirit I give strength to those who have no voice. I have overcome the evil one in this world. Do not fear. By My hand and by My power I have overcome the enemy of your soul. As people are crying ‘death and destruction’, I bring life and peace. The enemy knows he is defeated. He knows his time is short. He is doing everything he can to put fear in the saints. Do not succumb to his lies. I am victorious. The battle is already won! Joel 3:10

It’s A New Day

My child, My voice you shall hear: This is the way, walk in it. I will give you supernatural abilities, supernatural strength, supernatural wisdom. I supply everything you need. You don’t have to rely on your own abilities to figure everything out. Cease striving and know that I am God. It’s a new day. Walk by faith, not by sight.

Isaiah 30:21 Psalm 46:10 2 Corinthians 5:17

I Am CallingM

I am raising up a generation that not only knows Me, but who are bold and ready to take on the lies this culture has promoted. I am calling young, old and all those who have My Spirit, to be My bride, My army and My church. This people will not back down in the face of adversity but will stand for truth and life. Choose now who you will serve. Will you serve this culture or will you stand for truth? 

Opening Doors

My child, I am opening doors that no one will shut and shutting doors that no one can open. My Holy Spirit is flowing through those open doors and will bring about what I have purposed for you. The enemy has no influence over that area anymore as I have shut that door. Walk in the freedom I have provided. This is a new day. Isaiah 22:22