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Joy and Strength

My child, as you surrender yourself to Me more and more, I will open the doors I have for you to walk through. I will lead you by My Holy Spirit as you yield yourself to Me. Listen to My voice, not the many voices of the world or satan. Keep your eyes on Me alone. Rest in My Presence. Joy and strength will flood your soul as you set your heart and mind on Me. 

Intimacy With God

What does intimacy with God look like? Spending time with Him. Talking and listening to Him. Giving yourself completely to Him. Worshiping Him. Thanking Him. Praising Him. Believing Him. Obeying Him. Allowing Him to have His way with you. What does intimacy with God look like to you?

My Timing

My child, My timing is perfect. You can always trust Me. Never allow the present circumstances dictate your faith in Me. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Your Highest Priority

My child, My kingdom is not of this world. You are not of this world. But you are sent into the world to testify that I am the One and only God and Jesus is My Son, who I sent to rescue them from the domain of darkness. This is eternal life. That they may know Me, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom I have sent. My desire is that those who believe in Me will be one. Unity. I in you, you in Me. this is the intimacy I seek. For you to know Me and My Son. Make this your highest priority. Make this your life’s purpose. Seek first the kingdom of God and HIs righteousness an all the other things shall be added to you. 

A Great Shaking

My child, a great shaking is about to happen, but do not fear. You will not be shaken. You have put your faith in Me your Rock, and your foundation is solid. Do not fret, your heart will be at peace as the world is rocked by My great power. Pray for those who have been blinded and deceived by the evil one. Pray for the eyes of their hearts to be open to Me and not hardened. I am bringing about My purposes and plans. Keep your eyes fixed on Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. 

Move With Me

My child, I will accomplish what I have purposed on this earth. My plans are established and I am bringing about the revival necessary to bring this plan to fruition. Everything I spoke in My Word will come to pass. My Kingdom will come and My will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Move with Me My child. Get in step with Me. Embrace this move of My Spirit that is coming. It will be like no other time in history. You will have nothing to compare it to. Be My vessel. I want to use you in this great and mighty move of My Spirit. Do not question Me.

My Reality

When I come, I invade the impossible. My ways are so much higher than your ways and My thoughts than yours. I chose you to live in this world but to live according to My reality. Look to Me in every situation. All things are possible with Me. Do you doubt what I can do? Look around you. Look at My creation. What can’t I do? Start setting your eyes on Me alone for your challenges. I alone can move this mountain. Seek Me above everything else. Love Me with your whole heart. Hold nothing back. When you lose your life you gain Mine. 

My path for you

Let Me be the center of your world. Let Me be the topic of your conversation. Let Me be your focus and top priority. I will give direction to every other part of your life when you put Me first. Give Me the first fruits of your labor. Give Me the first part of your day. Let Me lead and direct you into My path and calling on your life. What joy and freedom comes when you put Me first in every area of your life. Your Father who wants the best for you.