Slaves Purchased to be Set Free

Why did God allow us to be born into a world of sin? The only possible outcome of life here is enslavement to sin. Still, human existence is an incredible gift of God, since It gives us the opportunity for intimacy with Him—all culminating in a personal joining with God eternally.
        God’s justice demanded that something be done about sin. That’s why Jesus came as a man to take our sins upon Himself through His suffering and death. This radical step was equitable in God’s eyes because it allowed God to credit us with His own righteousness, thus paving the way for relationship with Him. It was the only answer to our tainted human condition.
        Crediting us with His righteousness is the very foundation of God’s redemptive plan in bringing “many sons to glory.” Our redemption means that God has purchased us, much like one would buy a slave for the purpose of setting him free.

Battling our Flesh Demands Choice

God wants good for us while here on earth, but His plan revolves around our union with Him later. His purpose is fulfilled only as we receive Christ, and then enter into a lifelong pursuit of God, in spite of our bent toward choosing self in place of Him. This is why God allows sin such power in our decision-making. Our ongoing battle with the flesh, as we’re relentlessly confronted by a world steeped in sin, boils down to just one thing: radical choice—decision with real meaning.
        But how could a good God give evil the right to exist at all, much less allow it to have such destructive power over us? Again, choice is the answer to this age-old question. In His eternal wisdom, God ordained that His children choose Him freely. And the more difficult the choice, the better He seems to like it. It makes the value we place on Him all the more meaningful.

From Free from the Power of Sin: the Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself


My child, I see how your heart goes out to your loved ones. How it longs for their salvation and healing. I love them more than you do. I am at work in their lives. I am standing at their heart’s door knocking. I desire their repentance and long for them to turn to Me. I desire none to perish. I hear your prayers and will answer your pleas for them. My love for them is great and My victory over the evil one is complete. Shout for joy for their salvation is near. Sing, praise and worship. The battle is won!

God Rebuilding Our Character

Trying to control our flesh through an external system of do’s and don’ts will not change our behavior. True change is only possible when a vibrant connection to the Spirit of God brings about a deep rebuilding of our character.
        Only through God’s indwelling presence can our conscience ever become healthy. Our conscience has tremendous influence on the will, which in turn guides the thoughts and feelings of our mind. It directs our actions from within—standing firm no matter what we find facing us.
        A lifestyle of communing with God is the key to transformation. Vibrancy in any relationship comes as the result of intimacy—it has to be real; it must be alive! What’s really awesome is that when we get close to God we can expect to grow into all He has planned for us. And yet we so often stubbornly refuse it. Why is that? It’s because we’re all wrapped up in ourselves.

From Free from the Power of Sin: the Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself

Not Home Yet

My child, My love for you is great. I gave My life so we could be together forever. I desire you to be wholly Mine. I chose you and set you apart to live in this world, but not be of it. This earth is not your home. It is a temporary dwelling place where I am training you to rule and reign in the midst of your enemies. Set your heart and mind on things above. Do not go after the earthly prize. I have so much more for you. Seek first the Kingdom and all the other things will be added. Seek first the earthly and your plans will be frustrated. You will miss out on what I have for you. Choose Me above all else and live the life I destined for you.

Abide In Me

My child, here is the goal I have set for you, to bear much fruit and glorify Me. I will cause this to happen when you lay everything down at the foot of the cross and follow Me with your whole heart. Abide in Me and I will abide in you. You cannot bear fruit in your own strength. In fact, apart from Me you can do nothing. So cease striving to make things happen on your own. Know that I am God. I alone will do through you what I have purposed from the beginning. Don’t think like the world thinks. Surrender equals success. I love you with an everlasting love. Abide in Me.

Yourself or Your “cell-f”?

The Bible describes our membership in Christ’s body as being like our own body parts—an eye or a hand, for instance. This gives us an idea of how important it is to function together as a whole. But let’s change our perspective a little: reduce your position to the level of a cell in the body. Immediately your sense of self-importance diminishes a bit, doesn’t it.
        Yet think how vital each cell is to a healthy organism. If that cell dies or becomes malignant it ceases to be useful, or may even become destructive. So it is with us as members of Jesus’ body. Though you may not think of yourself as much, you are essential to the wellbeing of the whole. How could the eye or the hand begin to exist without all those cells working together? And where would Christ’s church be without a vibrant and healthy you?

No Need To Fear

I will take care of your every need, there is no need to fear. I’ve washed you and redeemed you and wiped away your tears. Lean on Me, rest in Me and have faith and believe. Your path is laid out, your future secure and there is no need to fear. 

Strategic Place

You are right where I want you to be. I have placed you in a strategic place for My purposes. Stay the course. Do not look to the right or the left. Keep your eyes focused on Me. I am leading you and will guide you into My plan and purpose. You will have joy and peace as you daily walk by My Spirit. Have faith My child.