Nothing to Fear

My child, don’t sell yourself short. If I am in it, there is nothing to fear. Leave doubt at the door and walk through. Never underestimate My power and ability to do beyond what you ask or think.
Ephesians 3:20-21

Thriving in a Sin-riddled World

What Christian doesn’t yearn to be free from the nagging presence of sin–the grinding reality of a redeemed life pitted against our self-serving flesh in this sin-riddled  world. Thankfully, God has made provision for our sin. The purpose of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice is to impart God’s own righteousness to us, in spite of our sinful nature.

Because we now belong to Him, we don’t need to earn God’s favor. We already have it! God showers His grace on us, making His righteousness our own. By His grace alone we are given the unbridled capacity for intimacy with God, in spite of the weakness of our flesh.

This Life is Fleeting

My child, this life is fleeting. It is a blip in time compared to eternity. What are you worrying about? Will all of your anxiety change or alter your situation? Put your trust in Me and My ability to work all things out for good. I love you. You are called according to My purposes. Romans 8:28

Do You Believe Me?

My child, do you believe Me? Do you live a life of faith or are you living by your feelings? Are you walking according to My Word or are you believing the lies of the world? I came to set you free from this world. I came to bring life and light to the darkness. You can know Truth. You can live free. You can know Me when you surrender your whole heart to Me.

Spiritual Gifts

My child, you have your gifts. Exercise them accordingly. Do not neglect the spiritual gift within you. Take pains with these things, be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all.
Romans 12:6 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 1 Timothy 4:14-15

Our Purpose for Being

What is our life in Christ really all about? It’s about being as opposed to doing. God created us in His image to be someone. So if our relationship with God is all wrapped up in doing stuff for Him we’ve missed the point. A life lived in a manner pleasing to God must begin with intimacy with Him, pursuing Jesus in a way that builds our one-on-one relationship with Him. Yes, doing is very important, but it should always stem from first being what God intended.

My Love

My child, I came, died, was raised and am at the right hand of God interceding for you. I foreknew you, predestined you, called you and justified you. Nothing will be able to separate you from My love.
Romans 8


My child, tear down the strongholds of fear of rejection and fatherless-ness. Those need to go. I am calling this next generation to follow Me with their whole heart. All fear must go in the Name of Jesus.