Sin No Longer a Problem?

As Christians, wouldn’t it be wonderful if sin was no longer a problem? If sin wasn’t an issue, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to wholeheartedly live for Jesus? Great thought!—just not within the realm of reality. Still, what could possibly be wrong with wanting complete freedom from sin’s influence so that single-minded devotion to God might be a bit less stressful?
Well, we need to think about what letting us slide through life in the comfort and security of sinlessness would ultimately achieve. It’s only possible outcome would be a good life here, with the added hope of even a better eternal life in heaven. What’s wrong with that, you might ask? The trouble with this notion is that, while nice, it doesn’t line up with God’s plan. He has a much greater purpose for our lives, because our destiny with Him in heaven is so much more than just a wonderful place to spend eternity.

From Free from the Power of Sin: the Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself

I Am With You

I the Lord am with you wherever you go. I am here. I give you strength when you are tired. I give you joy in the midst of pain. I lead you in the way you should go. I give you favor, blessing and honor. Walk in a manner worthy of your calling. Walk in confidence in Me. Let kindness and love flow through you and believe all things are possible with Me. 

Shine Bright For Me

There is a veil over people’s hearts. Like a fog or mist covering them. When My light comes, it breaks through the darkness and brings them into the light. Come and be light to the lost. Bring My truth to the hurting world. People are longing for answers. They desire hope. But without My light they can’t see it. Shine bright for Me. Allow Me to break through that cloud that is blocking them from seeing the truth. I am what they need I am the answer to their hopelessness. I can answer every one of their questions. I am truth and light. I set people free and release them from the domain of darkness, transferring them into the kingdom of My beloved Son. Lead people to Me. Introduce them to Me and I will do the rest. 

My Delight Is In You

My child, I rejoice over you, My delight is in you. I have adorned you with My jewels of righteousness. O rejoice My child. Rejoice and lift your eyes up to the heavens. Behold your God who adores you, who brings you into His Kingdom and clothes you with the garment of salvation. You My love are My bride, My chosen one. You are royalty and you reign n the midst of your enemies. Take comfort in the fact that you are safe and secure in the shelter of My wings and you will overcome. Glory in the fact that I purchased you with My blood and when the enemy sees you, he sees My protective hand on you. Take courage My bride. Look to Me. I am your Bridegroom. I am your covering. I Am and there is no other besides Me. 

Abundantly Beyond

My child, I am able to do far more abundantly beyond all that you ask or think. Do not try to place limits on Me. In your own strength you can’t. But in Me all things are possible. Believe Me for the impossible.


The Small Things

Let My love shine through you in the small things. In a smile, a word of encouragement, an act of kindness. Give of yourself, not to be noticed by men or applauded, but in the everyday, moment by moment opportunities to serve. 

Feelings about Yourself

How do you feel about yourself? Are you happy with who you are? Or do you sense the need for change in your heart? Most of us do. It’s frustrating, though, when change doesn’t come quickly. It causes us to lose hope that it ever will.
        It’s different with God. He has a purpose in allowing painful circumstances. That’s because He needs to deal with the weakness of our flesh. He must go deep within our nature to rebuild our character—a true change of heart. And this is a process He can accomplish by no other means than time and suffering.
       God’s purpose for creating us as He has sheds a lot of light on why He allows sin to be a problem. Understanding our freedom from the power of sin is so important! Why? Because through it God offers us unfettered relationship with Himself—in spite of ourselves—the true source of transformation.

From Free from the Power of Sin: the Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself

Restores Your Soul

My child, take time to rest. It is not only good for your physical body but it’s also necessary for your soul. Give yourself permission to relax. Take a time out. Put down the things that agitate and give you stress. Enjoy a sunset. Get out in nature. Spend time with Me. I will restore your soul. Psalm 23

The Head and Not the Tail

My child, you are making progress. Do not focus on your past, or how far you still need to go. Be thankful for what lies ahead and make the most of today. Trust, believe and breath. I do not look at your faults. When I look at you I see My Son. He covered you with His blood and redeemed, restored and reconciled you to Me. You are the head and not the tail. You are above and not beneath. Live in the truth of who you are. 


In Jesus there is oneness, intimacy, wholeness, fullness, satisfaction, completeness, rest, joy, peace, love, life and freedom. In the world there is isolation, coldness, fragmentation, hunger, deceit, weariness, loneliness, fear, anxiety, death, destruction and bondage.