The Path through the Maze


Answering Life’s Ultimate Question: What Happens After We Die?

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This is a book about the future – yours and everyone’s

If there’s one thing all people have in common, it’s their desire to discover what is about take place in their lives. They want to know; they need to know. This instinct expresses itself with differing intensity – from mild curiosity to a driving obsession.

And we can know. This impulse we share can actually be satisfied. You merely need to look in the right place. No, you won’t find details about your future in this book, but the big picture will come sharply into focus-a vision of your destiny big enough to fill that emptiness in your heart.

This book is meant to be shared! For this reason we’re offering it at a special price – three books for $14.99 (50 % off the cover price). Pray about who you might share it with. We know there are many. And we will be praying that each person who’s hands it falls into will come to know the richness of life in Jesus Christ.