Radio Station Downloads

Below are a few samples of the 160 features now available for download. Each feature is one minute in length presented in mp3 format. You may sample all 160 features on the Radio Features page (minus intro and close, and with a different music background).

To download the complete mp3 library please complete the form below. We will then email you a file link enabling the download. (Should you want the features on disc, please indicate such in the comment box. We will mail you a copy in either mp3 or WAV format per your requirement). Please include your mailing address.

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    Radio Features Agreement:

    Pursuant to downloading the Communing With God Radio Features Library, the broadcaster hereby agrees to air the one minute features contained in the library. CommuningWithGod and the broadcaster agree that the features are offered free of charge and that the broadcaster has complete freedom of choice as to which of the features it will or will not air.