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My child, you will never feel fully satisfied or completely fulfilled here on earth. This is not your home. Your spirit longs to be with Me, but I have you here for a purpose. As long as you keep your eyes fixed on Me and your heart fully surrendered to Me, I will fulfill My desire through you. You can experience joy, peace and blessing and have a sense of accomplishment as I work through you, but do not expect total fulfillment or complete satisfaction. That is reserved for you  in heaven. Long for that day, but be productive in the mean time. I have a plan and it is good. 

Joy Comes

Joy comes in the morning. I am restoring your joy. Look for it. Be expecting it. Don’t lose hope. Put your hope in Me. I will never fail you. This world is full of disappointments, but I will never disappoint. Discipline yes, but I am not out to destroy you. Only to bring you to a place of complete dependence on Me. Only then will I cause your destiny to appear. Only then can you walk in complete satisfaction and fulfillment. Depend on Me alone to bring you happiness and joy. Everyone and everything else will fall short. Joy comes when you realize I am your Source of all good things. I alone can satisfy. I alone can fulfill. There are no substitutes.

True Love

My child, A lot of people are sinking into hopelessness. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. He will try to kill hope, steal joy and destroy their sense of self worth. When a person is experiencing hopelessness, I am what they need. I am the only One who can rescue them from the domain of darkness and transfer them into the kingdom of My beloved Son. Only then will they know true love. Only then will they experience joy. Only then will they realize how much they are worth. My Son died so they might live. John 10:10


My child, I want to be One with you. I want you to experience My joy to the fullest. My joy will be made full in you when you fully surrender all to Me and we are One. This is My chief aim for you, to be one with Me as I am with the Father. Enter into this union. Do not hold back, don’t shrink away. Embrace the intimacy and oneness I am extending to you. Let yourself fall into My arms. I am here to embrace you and draw you into the love relationship your heart longs for.

Press On

My child, this is a new season in your life. A season of joy and reaping. You have prayed and I have answered. Look up and see your Redeemer lives. I am calling you to be an instrument of love to the unlovely. Of healing to the sick and hope to the hopeless. Walk in My strength, My joy and My peace. Be steadfast in your faith. Forget the things that lie behind and reach forward to what lies ahead. Press on to the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. I am your prize. In Me there is fullness of joy. Spread joy My child. Let your mind be focused on Me at all times, not on your circumstances. Rise above your circumstances. This is not your home. Your home is with Me. Place all of your hope in Me alone. Your Father who loves you deeply.


Beloved, there is so much to be thankful for. Set your mind on things above, not on what you see here on earth. Be on the alert, the devil prowls around looking for someone to devour. Guard your heart and mind. Be equipped with My armor. I have not called you to wallow in the muck and mire of negativity. I gave you life, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. Represent Me well while you are here on earth. Colossians 3:2  1 Peter 5:8 Romans 14:17

Lasting Peace

My child, I will show you what is important and what you should give your attention to. I will direct your path and open up opportunities to serve Me and others. Give your attention to Me and not to the distractions of this world. For I will lead and guide you into a better way. I will show you My glory and the work of your hands will be established and fruitful. Choose Me over every other pursuit. For then I can lead you into purposeful living and fulfillment. Joy comes from being wholly devoted and fully surrendered to Me. Hold nothing back from Me. For I have My perfect plan in place. Your life is not your own. I purchased you for a purpose. Surrender to Me and you will walk in lasting peace. Your Father who loves you with everlasting love.


Beloved, joy comes from Me. When you believe Me and walk in truth, you will experience My joy. For My Kingdom is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 3 John 1:4, Romans 14:17, 15:13

I Am Strong

Let the weak say I am strong! By My Holy Spirit I give strength to those who have no voice. I have overcome the evil one in this world. Do not fear. By My hand and by My power I have overcome the enemy of your soul. As people are crying ‘death and destruction’, I bring life and peace. The enemy knows he is defeated. He knows his time is short. He is doing everything he can to put fear in the saints. Do not succumb to his lies. I am victorious. The battle is already won! Joel 3:10