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My child, you will never feel fully satisfied or completely fulfilled here on earth. This is not your home. Your spirit longs to be with Me, but I have you here for a purpose. As long as you keep your eyes fixed on Me and your heart fully surrendered to Me, I will fulfill My desire through you. You can experience joy, peace and blessing and have a sense of accomplishment as I work through you, but do not expect total fulfillment or complete satisfaction. That is reserved for you  in heaven. Long for that day, but be productive in the mean time. I have a plan and it is good. 

Be At Peace

My child, My peace I give to you. My joy I share with you. My love I bestow on you to share with those around you. Look to Me for all of your needs. I supply richly to all who come to Me and ask. Come, spend time with Me. I give generously all that your soul desires. I am the One who fulfills your every need. I am the One who satisfies. Rest in My Presence. Abide in the shelter of My wings. Be at peace with Me, the lover of your soul.

Created to Worship

I created you to worship. You’re going to worship something while you’re here on earth. You have the choice. You can either worship stuff, or people, or any other created thing, or you can choose to worship Me, the lover of your soul. Deep satisfaction and total fulfillment is the result of worshiping Me. 

Joy Comes

Joy comes in the morning. I am restoring your joy. Look for it. Be expecting it. Don’t lose hope. Put your hope in Me. I will never fail you. This world is full of disappointments, but I will never disappoint. Discipline yes, but I am not out to destroy you. Only to bring you to a place of complete dependence on Me. Only then will I cause your destiny to appear. Only then can you walk in complete satisfaction and fulfillment. Depend on Me alone to bring you happiness and joy. Everyone and everything else will fall short. Joy comes when you realize I am your Source of all good things. I alone can satisfy. I alone can fulfill. There are no substitutes.

I Am Your Strong Tower

My child, I know your heart and your desires. I understand you better than you understand yourself. My love for you is deep. My desire is for you to know Me in such an intimate way that you will understand My call on your life. You have nothing to fear. Your life is in My capable Hands. My desire is for you to trust Me completely and believe Me with everything you’ve got. When all of life’s circumstances seen to be going in the wrong direction, hold onto Me. I am your strong tower and your refuge. I will never let you go or abandon you. Let go of all your fears. Let go of all your doubts and trust Me. Believe Me and come to Me. I will give you rest, peace, joy and fulfillment. You will be complete in Me. I love you with a love that is not experienced here on earth. I love you enough to die in your place so that you would be able to live and spend eternity with Me. 

Complete Fulfillment

O My child, why do you long for the things of this world? Why do you place your hope in the comforts this world offers? Don’t you realize only I can satisfy your thirsty soul? I long to fill you My child. I long to bring that deep satisfaction that you crave. But I will never force it on you. You must desire it with your whole heart. I am a jealous God. I want all of you. Then and only then can you experience complete fulfillment.


Intimacy ~ This word scares off most people because they have been hurt. They have put up walls to guard their hearts from ever being hurt again. The enemy knows that when you experience intimacy with Me the walls will crumble. You will know true love, true fulfillment and finally experience the pure joy of intimacy that you were created to have with Me. Don’t be afraid of intimacy with Me. I created your heart and I won’t break it.

The Living Water

My child, I desire to be your greatest love. There is nothing in this life that will satisfy you. I am the only One that can bring you the fulfillment you are searching for. No amount of money, no person, no accomplishment will bring the joy and peace that you will experience in Me. Turn your heart to Me. Let Me fill you with the living water of eternal life.

John 4:10-14