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Embrace Life

I am not a God of the dead but of the living. Stop looking in the past and look ahead to what lies before you. I am not in the tomb. I am the resurrection and the life. An abundant life is available to all who believe. No longer hold on to fear and unbelief. Step out in faith. Embrace the life I freely give. Rest assured that I have conquered death and it no longer has power. Take up your shield of faith, wield the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. Be strong in the power of My strength. I am with you and I am for you. 

Unfailing Love

Your Father in heaven loves you with an everlasting love. That love will not fade or burn out. It will never cease. Unlike human love, that can and does fail, My love is unfailing and sure. You don’t have to earn it. You simply have it. You can feel safe with me for I will never leave you. You can let those walls down, because I won’t break your heart. I will heal it. Let go of the pain. Let go of the fears. Come to Me and experience real, true, everlasting love. Love that endures. Perfect love casts out all fear. Love your Daddy who loves you with unfailing love. 1 John 4:18


My child, do not let fear rule your life. Replace fear with faith. When fear comes, tell it to leave. You don’t have to let it take up space in your mind. Stand and resist and it will flee. Turn to My Word and place your trust in Me. Do not let the enemy beat you up with fear. You are an overcomer. You are My child and I have the last word. Believe Me instead of the lie of the evil one. 

I Am Your Strong Tower

My child, I know your heart and your desires. I understand you better than you understand yourself. My love for you is deep. My desire is for you to know Me in such an intimate way that you will understand My call on your life. You have nothing to fear. Your life is in My capable Hands. My desire is for you to trust Me completely and believe Me with everything you’ve got. When all of life’s circumstances seen to be going in the wrong direction, hold onto Me. I am your strong tower and your refuge. I will never let you go or abandon you. Let go of all your fears. Let go of all your doubts and trust Me. Believe Me and come to Me. I will give you rest, peace, joy and fulfillment. You will be complete in Me. I love you with a love that is not experienced here on earth. I love you enough to die in your place so that you would be able to live and spend eternity with Me. 


My child, you are Royalty. You have My blood, that was poured out on the cross, flowing through you. You are from a Kingly lineage and your inheritance is secure in Me. I chose you Beloved. This world is not your home. Eternity is what your heart longs for and you are an overcomer. I have the victory over everything that comes against you and I will provide what you need to live this life I have called you to. Live a victorious life here on earth. Walk by faith and believe. Your reward is with Me. Take heart and do not let fear rule over you. 

A Moment in Time

I delight in you My child. I delight in you. You need not worry or fret, just rest in My arms and do not be moved. This is only a season. A moment in time that will soon pass. Give Me all your cares and burdens. Rest in My loving arms. Cast off all fear and trust that I will exalt you. You are Mine and I will fulfill your desires. 1 Peter 5:6-7 James 4:10 Psalm 145.19 

Perfect Peace

Beloved, I will keep you in perfect peace when you keep your mind fixed on Me. Trust Me. You don’t have to be in bondage to your feelings. Overcome fear with faith. Turn your fearful thoughts over to Me and I will flood your soul with the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Isaiah 26:3  Philippians 4:7