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Choose To Believe

I can do far more abundantly beyond all that you ask or think. Do not put limitations on what you think is possible. You are thinking too small! Am I not God who created the Universe? Think about how vast that is. I speak and it is done. I am asking you to have complete faith in Me to give you everything you need in every circumstance you find yourself. Think in terms of the power that works within you as My power. The strength that comes is My strength, and yes the joy that comes as you experience the victory is My joy. I give these freely to all who believe. Choose to believe the impossible. Choose to believe Me.

Nothing Is Impossible

This life is not meant to live in your own strength. I planned it so that you would have to depend on Me. I never intended you to do it alone, but in the power of My strength. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave lives in you. Nothing is impossible. You only need to believe Me and obey Me and you will experience the fruitful life I have planned for you. Trust and obey for there is no other way. 

New Season

My child, My beautiful one, I delight in you. I delight in your childlike faith and your willingness to serve Me with your whole heart. I am raising you up to a new level of faith, and there is no need to fear. Trust Me in this new season. Believe that I have My best in store for you. People will see your faith and believe. Your faith in Me will bear much fruit. Your testimony will win over many souls to Me. Walk in faith. It is by My Spirit that lives will be touched.

Your Father who delights in you.

Don’t Be Afraid

Beloved, do not be afraid any longer, only believe. I have heard the cry of your heart. I see the longing of your request. Trust Me to bring all of this together for good. I have provided everything you need to get through this. Only believe in Me. I am here with you.

Mark 5:36 Romans 8:28

Do Not Doubt

My child, do not doubt, only have faith that I am working. My purposes and plans will be established on this earth. Don’t let circumstances rock your belief. Keep believing and you will see My mighty power accomplish what I have promised.

I Will

When you listen, I will speak
When you pray, I will answer
When you trust, I will show up
When you believe, I will do miracles
When you fast, I will move mountains
When you forgive, I will bring peace
When you show compassion, I will comfort you
When you step out in faith, I will lead you
When you give My Holy Spirit full reign in your life,
I will strengthen you and provide everything you need in this life.