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New Season

My child, My beautiful one, I delight in you. I delight in your childlike faith and your willingness to serve Me with your whole heart. I am raising you up to a new level of faith, and there is no need to fear. Trust Me in this new season. Believe that I have My best in store for you. People will see your faith and believe. Your faith in Me will bear much fruit. Your testimony will win over many souls to Me. Walk in faith. It is by My Spirit that lives will be touched.

Your Father who delights in you.

New Year

My child, this is a new day, a new year and a new opportunity to serve and glorify Me. You will experience My Presence as you walk by My Spirit and love and serve others. Be thankful and I will do the rest.

New Year ~ New Goals

So, have you written down your goals for 2014 yet? If not, now is the time. Life gets busy and before we know it the year has gone by. Why not spend some time thinking and praying about what God would want you to do this year. Maybe create some new habits in your nutrition and fitness. Maybe it’s time to look to see where you can give more of your time. Being involved in something outside of yourself is a great way to spend your life. People are happiest when they are giving, reaching out, being a part of something bigger than just themselves. Look to see what your church is involved in and see if that might be where God might want you to serve. Is there a need in your community that you see needs help? Volunteer and become part of the solution. Life is way too short to be self absorbed. Why not look around and see if there might be a place that only you can make a difference. Why set goals? It helps you to focus and dream and work toward something. It brings purpose to your life. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you reach it. It just makes life more exciting. Take some time and set a plan in place. If it’s not exactly where God wants you to go, He’ll steer you in the right direction. Just get moving forward. He can’t steer a ship that’s not moving. Make it a wonderful, healthy and blessed New Year. Set some goals!

New Beginnings

My child, hear My voice. Set yourself squarely in My path and learn from Me. Open your heart and mind to My desires for your life. Remove all obstacles and distractions and hear from Me. I am calling you to a deeper place. A place that requires that you let go of some old thoughts and reasonings. Let loose of your old negative mindsets. Release all your fears and unbelief to Me. Come with fresh faith and an open heart to hear all I have for you. Take this step of faith My beloved. I will open up new horizons for you and show you great and marvelous things. Let this year be a year of new beginnings and abundant blessings as you submit yourself to Me.