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New Season

My child, My beautiful one, I delight in you. I delight in your childlike faith and your willingness to serve Me with your whole heart. I am raising you up to a new level of faith, and there is no need to fear. Trust Me in this new season. Believe that I have My best in store for you. People will see your faith and believe. Your faith in Me will bear much fruit. Your testimony will win over many souls to Me. Walk in faith. It is by My Spirit that lives will be touched.

Your Father who delights in you.

Open Your Heart

My child, when you placed your trust in Me you became holy. When you believed that I came to save you, you entered into My family and became My child. You do not need to earn My approval. You already have it because you belong to Me. I am your Father who loves you and I desire to bless you. Received all of the gifts I have for you. Open your heart and your mind to Me. I have much I want to share with you.


My child, trust Me. Did I not tell you that I would do this by My hand and by My power? Rest in knowing that I’ve got this. Trust and believe. I will do what needs to be done in this situation.

I Will

When you listen, I will speak
When you pray, I will answer
When you trust, I will show up
When you believe, I will do miracles
When you fast, I will move mountains
When you forgive, I will bring peace
When you show compassion, I will comfort you
When you step out in faith, I will lead you
When you give My Holy Spirit full reign in your life,
I will strengthen you and provide everything you need in this life.


My child, I have a plan for your life. I have a path all lined out and all you have to do is walk forward, believing and trusting Me. The way might seem scary and unfamiliar to you but I have called you to this path and it requires faith. Have faith My child and do not doubt, for My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. Walk in faith. Walk in Me. You will see My plan for you unfold as you keep your eyes focused solely on Me.

Your God who is faithful and trustworthy.

Isaiah 55:8-9

Believe Me

My child, you must put all of your faith and trust in Me alone. Never put it in what you think you might accomplish or what you can make happen. I will supply every need, but you must trust Me. To walk in a manner pleasing to Me means that you believe Me. Set your heart to do that and I will show you My glory. Do not fear. Only trust Me. I am your Father who cares for you and will take care of you.


My Path

My child, I desire you to walk hand in hand with Me. Trust Me with your life. Give over all control and let Me guide you on My path of life. I want the very best for you and that takes total surrender on your part. You can trust Me. I will never fail you.