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New Year ~ New Goals

So, have you written down your goals for 2014 yet? If not, now is the time. Life gets busy and before we know it the year has gone by. Why not spend some time thinking and praying about what God would want you to do this year. Maybe create some new habits in your nutrition and fitness. Maybe it’s time to look to see where you can give more of your time. Being involved in something outside of yourself is a great way to spend your life. People are happiest when they are giving, reaching out, being a part of something bigger than just themselves. Look to see what your church is involved in and see if that might be where God might want you to serve. Is there a need in your community that you see needs help? Volunteer and become part of the solution. Life is way too short to be self absorbed. Why not look around and see if there might be a place that only you can make a difference. Why set goals? It helps you to focus and dream and work toward something. It brings purpose to your life. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you reach it. It just makes life more exciting. Take some time and set a plan in place. If it’s not exactly where God wants you to go, He’ll steer you in the right direction. Just get moving forward. He can’t steer a ship that’s not moving. Make it a wonderful, healthy and blessed New Year. Set some goals!

Ongoing Lifestyle Choices

A few of us in our church and several hundred on an on-line health and fitness site just completed a 14 week Summer Challenge. The goal was not just to lose weight, but to change your body composition. Therefore, weight lifting was incorporated as well as cardio and a huge part of the program is about nutrition. Now that the official challenge is over, the goals need to be re-set so the fat doesn’t come back on. I’ve been involved in 6 of these challenges over the past 3 years. Over and over again I see some who had worked so hard put the weight right back on because they go right back to their old ways of doing things. This has happened to me too. So what can be done to change that this time? How can we hold onto the gains we’ve made, or should I say the losses we’ve accomplished?

The secret is in the goal setting. A huge part of this program is the mental game. When we continue to set life changing goals and continue to work toward those goals, we can continue to see improvement from ‘challenge’ to challenge. Life long self-improvement and personal development. Isn’t that what we all want? Not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, educationally and in every other area of our lives? A vision or mission has no end date. Get a big one. Seek God, asking Him what His purpose for your life is. Don’t put limitations on what God wants for you. Then go about setting small, mid range and long term goals to get you there. That’s the secret of any success in this life. And don’t forget to stay surrendered to God. Keep your dreams and desires fully surrendered to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart, since it’s Him who puts them there in the first place.

Seven Ingredients to a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle #5

Ingredient #5 is Accountability.

Accountability is huge and it’s a key component to your success. Find someone that you can trust and that you will be accountable to. Show them your goal cards and check in with them regularly. If you want to be successful in your fitness and nutrition goals, get an accountability partner. They can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Sharing your goals with each other increases your odds of success. Commit to meet often and work together. You will discover a greater level of enthusiasm and energy and achieve more in less time. Other benefits include having a cheerleader or coach to help you when you feel like giving up. – It encourages loyalty, friendship and trustworthiness. – Knowing someone is counting on you keeps you motivated. When I know my running buddy is waiting for me then I know I can’t just blow off my workouts. I also have someone to celebrate my successes with! It’s a great added benefit!

Reaching goals is a lot more fun when it’s done together!

Seven Ingredients to a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle #2

Ingredient number 2 is: HAVE A GOAL!

Zig Ziglar says: “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” and he also says, “If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.”

The biggest reason people fail to achieve their fitness goals is because they either didn’t set any to begin with or they made them too big. Set specific, realistic goals. Write them down on paper and read them daily. Take your goals seriously and write them out in the present tense. For example, instead of “I want to lose 10 pounds.” say, I weigh ___ pounds and am maintaining it with ease. Whatever your goal is, write it out like you’ve already attained it. Your mind will work toward that goal if you state it in the positive. And the more emotion you stir up, the more motivated you’ll be to go after it.

And don’t just concentrate on the obstacles or problems of reaching your goal. Negative statements and self-defeating questions or statements are: I can’t lose weight no matter what I do –  Why can’t I lose this last ten pounds? – I have a slow metabolism – I’ll try. – It’s so hard to lose weight. Change the way you phrase these into more positive statements: I weigh ____. I exercise ___ days a week and feel energetic all day long.  I am in the best shape of my life. My metabolism is getting faster and faster every day. I LOVE eating healthy, whole, living foods. I have more energy than I know what to do with.

As you repeat these goals, they will become a part of your life. Have a plan everyday. Write them out on 3X5 cards and repeat them morning and night. This not only works for losing weight and getting into shape, but scripture memory and accomplishing other daily tasks as well. Whatever you need or want to do that day, write it down.

Once you’ve achieved your goal, set a new one. Celebrate your accomplishments and take it to the next level. Keep setting goals. It’s an energizing exercise and will change your life.

Ingredient number 3 coming soon!