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I Alone Work Wonders

No good thing do I withhold from those who walk uprightly. My child if you walk out this life with a surrendered heart, I will pour out My blessings on you. If you walk in integrity and intimacy before Me, I will anoint your way and make it straight. Yes there will be times of difficulty, times you will struggle and times of sorrow. That is all part of living in this fallen world. But if you hold fast to Me and trust Me, you will see My faithfulness and your life will be a blessing. This life is hard, but I am with you. I am your shield, your rock and your warrior King. Hold fast to Me My child. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. I alone work wonders. 


My child, I want to rain down blessings on you today. Open your heart and mind to all that I have for you. I am a loving God. I desire to bless. Be on the lookout for My blessings. Be aware of My Presence today. You will see My glory in action when you seek Me with your whole heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

The Way You Should Go

My child, I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way you should go. Abide in My Word and do what I have told you to do. Submit yourself to Me, resist the devil and he will flee. I have called you to obedience and love. You will experience all My blessings when you wholeheartedly follow after Me.

Isaiah 48:17   James 4:7


My child, thankfulness opens up a life of joy. When you are thankful and have a grateful heart I am glorified and motivated to bless you with more. It’s when you judge, criticize and feel sorry for yourself that I back off and stay quiet. Don’t live your life in a bitter state of despair. Count your blessings and rejoice. Change your attitude and be thankful. There’s no better way to live.

True Joy

My child, I am the One that drops that spark, that passion, that desire into your heart. I am the one that gives you the ability, drive and motivation to be who I’ve called you to be. I didn’t give this to you just for you. I have a plan for your life. It’s to share everything I give you with others. Have one hand out to receive and your other hand out to give away. Let all the blessings I give to you pass through you to others. Only when you give them away will you experience true joy.

You are Called to Serve

My child, I have called you to serve. I have given you gifts and abilities to give away to others. Be used up for My service and be joyful in the process. I give you the strength you need to do everything I’ve called you to do. Walk by My Spirit and you won’t carry out the deeds of the flesh, which are always rooted in selfishness. My calling on your life is to serve. Do this and experience the abundant joy and blessings I have stored up for you.

Galatians 5:16

New Beginnings

My child, hear My voice. Set yourself squarely in My path and learn from Me. Open your heart and mind to My desires for your life. Remove all obstacles and distractions and hear from Me. I am calling you to a deeper place. A place that requires that you let go of some old thoughts and reasonings. Let loose of your old negative mindsets. Release all your fears and unbelief to Me. Come with fresh faith and an open heart to hear all I have for you. Take this step of faith My beloved. I will open up new horizons for you and show you great and marvelous things. Let this year be a year of new beginnings and abundant blessings as you submit yourself to Me.