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Be Present in My Presence

My child, I want what is best for you. My plan is to give you a future and a hope. I have rescued you from death and I desire that you live an abundant life. Let the past go and leave the future to Me. Walk in My Presence today. I give you peace and joy as you rest in My provision. Make each moment count. Be present in My Presence.

Jeremiah 29:11  John 10:10


My child, I want to rain down blessings on you today. Open your heart and mind to all that I have for you. I am a loving God. I desire to bless. Be on the lookout for My blessings. Be aware of My Presence today. You will see My glory in action when you seek Me with your whole heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

Sensing God’s Reality

God has given each of us a sense of right and wrong—a moral awareness which speaks of His existence from the very core of our being. This is why people in all civilizations throughout history have felt obliged by their conscience to appease, in one way or another, what they perceive as their god.

But God has given an incomplete revelation of Himself to most men, which has confined them to a limited perception of Him. So they set about instituting religious practices designed to placate this awesome presence, which they don’t understand but instinctively know exists. These practices commonly take the form of works and rituals rooted in fear. In other words, “I have to do something to try to please this god (or gods), in order to avoid their wrath and thus have some hope of blessing in my life.” Fear is the foundation of most religions in our world today, as well as those down through history.

However, fear of an angry, vengeful deity is never what God had in mind in revealing Himself to man. The fear of God— accurately defined as a profound and healthy respect for His awesome Person and power—is indeed the basis for our Christian faith, but it’s not the cowering dread assumed by people in most religions. Why not? Because, along with His many other attributes, the very nature of God is love, kindness, faithfulness, mercy, goodness and holiness. God always intended that He be perceived by mankind in this very way. Right from the start He has wanted us to have a healthy sense of His personal reality.

My People

My child, I am calling a people. My people. I will gather to them, to those already gathered. I am calling a people far and wide to eat of My banquet and enjoy My Presence. For in My Presence is fullness of joy. In Me you are fully satisfied. I am calling you My bride. Come and drink your fill of My never ending well.

Isaiah 56:8   Psalm 16:11