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For My Glory

My child, I understand and will use what you are going through. These are not wasted days. You will come to know why this happened and will be able to say with all confidence that it was good and for My glory. You are used more powerfully in your weakness than you could ever be in your self-confidence. I am glorified in your weakness.

Gifts And Talents

My child, I give you your gifts and talents. It’s when I flow through you that the anointing is present. Empty yourself so I can flow more freely. When you hold on to your own way of doing things it hinders Me from doing My best work. Let go of everything so I can use you in powerful ways. Live with your heart and hands wide open to Me. I will fill you to overflowing.


My child, now is the time to press in and pray. There is a fork in the road and some that you are praying for are wrestling with which way to go. Pray that they choose Me, the only path to life. Your prayers are effective and powerful. Keep believing and keep praying My child. You will see fruit from your prayers. My desire is that none perish, but for all to come to repentance.

James 5:16   2 Peter 3:9