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Stay Close

My child, I am the Bread of life. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am all you need. The earth is not your home, that is why you feel so uncomfortable here. Your home is with Me. Stay close to Me while your journey on earth continues. I will give you peace. Not as the world gives. I give you super natural peace that surpasses knowledge. I give peace that will never leave you. Stay close.

John 6:35  Rev. 1:8 22:13, John 14:27  Phil. 4:7

Super Natural

My child, you are My temple and My Holy Spirit dwells in you. Stop thinking about all of the things you can’t do and understand and believe that all things are possible with Me. I am above and beyond the ‘natural’. I operate in the Super Natural. Trust Me for the impossible.

1 Corinthians 3:16

Infinite and Eternal

My child, I am infinite and eternal. I have always been and will forever be. Sing for joy because you serve a victorious King. Your hope is not in the material world, but in the Creator of the super-natural realm. I rule over all. I am in control of all. Never doubt My ability to step in and change impossible situations. Call upon Me and I will answer. I will be with you in trouble. I will rescue you and honor you. With a long life I will satisfy you and let you behold My salvation.

Psalm 91:15&16

A Super Natural Life

My child, hear My voice. Hear Me calling you in the depths of your soul. Come spend time in My presence and I will fill you with My joy. Come wait in My presence and I will give you peace. Rest in Me My child, and I will give you strength. I am the Source of everything you need. Come and drink your fill. I pour out abundantly on all who come and receive. This is the most important part of your day. In My presence you will receive everything you need for the rest of your day. Don’t try to go it alone when you have My wonder working power available. Let Me fill you today with My presence. Receive all I have for you. You’ll see miracles. You’ll experience My glory. You’ll live a Super Natural life.

Live in Super-Natural Power

My child, I have given you My Spirit. I live in and through you. Is there anything too impossible for Me? Is there anything that I cannot accomplish? Stop thinking in terms of the natural and start believing in the super-natural. I am God of the impossible. I spoke and the world was created. I move and the mountains shake. I open doors that no one can shut. Walk by My Spirit. Walk in the reality of My super-natural power. You have authority in My Name. You have power in My Spirit. You have victory in My resurrection. Live in this reality. Open your eyes to the freedom, the authority, the power and the abundance I have provided for you. Allow Me to live in and through you and you’ll see My glory. You’ll see miracles. You’ll live the abundant life I have provided.