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Free From Burdens

My child, My bride. Do not take this burden on. Do not walk in guilt. Am I not the Rock? Did I  not come to release you from all your burdens? Trust Me with this burden. Cast it on Me. Take not the yoke of the world. It’s too heavy for you. I did not design you to carry this load. I came, died and rose from the grave so that you would be free from any burden, any sin, any yoke. The burdens of this world are mine to carry. You, My child shall be free of them. Free to be My beautiful bride, My lover, My desire. I love you too much to allow you to carry more than you can handle. Your Savior and your Redeemer.

Complete Freedom

My desire is for you to live in freedom. I desire that you be released from the bondage of chains that the enemy has had around you. You cannot walk in complete freedom until you confess and repent of that hold Satan still has on you. You know what you have been struggling with. You know that thing that eats at you. Confess it to Me and lay it at the foot of My Cross. I long to deliver you from it. That is all I am asking you to do. Confess and repent. I will do the delivering.  Psalm 62:8 


Beloved, I have called you to live in freedom. Why do you return to what enslaves you again and again? You are released from that! It is finished! Do not keep lapsing into the very thing that oppresses and limits you. Walk in the privilege, the liberty and power I have given you. Live free in Me.

Freedom ~ Peace ~ Joy

My child, when it is My will, I will bring it about. Do not worry or fret. I will bring it about in My perfect time. Your worrying about it will not cause it to happen any faster. Rest in Me. Believe and trust that I your Father will accomplish what I desire in and through you. I did not send My Son so you would live a life of worry and anxiety, but that you would live in freedom, peace and joy. Walk in the joy of your salvation. Live in the peace I provide. You have been set free from the cares of this world. Rejoice in your freedom. Rejoice in Me.

Forgive Yourself

My child, I desire deep fellowship with you. Come to Me with your deepest hurts, your needs and mistakes. I am here to heal you. I have already forgiven you but you may need to forgive yourself. Come to Me and I will wash over you. I bring life and peace. I bring healing and joy. No matter where you are or what you have done, you can come to Me. I love you and desire you to be healthy and free.

Past, Present, Future

The issue of forgiveness of sin—past, present and future—has been resolved in God’s mind. It’s a done deal! Freedom from sin was never meant merely to be applied to our initial salvation experience, but as an enduring guarantee of intimate relationship with God.

But this doesn’t mean that the inevitable struggle between the appetites of self and the requirements of God’s law are not going to be an ongoing battle for us. To be sure, this conflict is precisely why being freed from slavery to sin is so crucially important as we go about living our new life in God. Yet given our human condition in this world of sin, it’s not too surprising to find this truth so routinely misunderstood.

It’s really sad that so many have been duped by the enemy into believing that we must somehow earn our own way now that we’ve been saved. Think back to the desperately sinful circumstances you were in when He reached down and pulled you out of that pit. Having been so amazingly forgiven and cleansed from that muck, how could we think that He would now abandon us just because we continue to struggle with sin in various areas of our life?(Romans 5:8-10)

Free from–not to sin

I think we as believers can all agree that any thought of maintaining a lifestyle of sin is patently absurd (Romans 6:15). Paul prefaces his whole argument of dying to sin with this statement in Romans 6:2: “How shall we who died to sin still live in it?”

So it would be rather foolish to think that being freed from such a powerful enemy might somehow give us the right to continue playing around with it. Why bother being freed at all if we merely set ourselves up to be enslaved all over again?

The purpose of freedom from sin isn’t to let us lapse into sloppy behavior with the excuse that battling selfish desires is just too big a chore. God didn’t set us free to give us license to sin, but rather to lay the foundation for unfettered pursuit of Him in spite of our inherent weakness.

Mystery of Freedom

God’s approach to freedom has dumbfounded believers from the very inception of the Church. Why? Because it flies in the face of the elementary principles (earning or way to God) of the world, with which man has reached a certain level of comfort. In our humanity, we just don’t see things the way God does. But that doesn’t mean that His truths must remain shrouded in secrecy.

To be sure, the mystery has been solved! Jesus Christ—“God’s mystery”—is the answer.(John 1:18, Colossians 1:26-27 & 2:2-3) And God’s eternal intent and purpose has not only been openly divulged to His children, but also has been broadcast through the Church to every spiritual being of any authority throughout His creation.(Ephesians 3:9-10)

The reason God’s grace is often so hard for us to comprehend is twofold: not only does it come as a free gift, but it’s also easy to miss because of its sheer simplicity. We think we ought to earn our way. Such a strategy makes a whole lot more sense to us as humans, so we instinctively devise more difficult steps in an attempt to accomplish it. Thankfully God has a better plan!