137. The Obedience of Surrender

Surrendering your life is a step of profound obedience. Since God is well aware of every detail of your life, He knows what a huge commitment this is on your part. Take comfort in the fact that God designed it this way and therefore has made every provision for becoming reunited with Him—in spite of the inborn weakness of your humanity. There’s no need to worry. Being “born again” into this new life in Christ can happen in an instant of time for the heart that’s ready to receive Him.

At the same time the Bible instructs those who have already taken that step to: “Test yourselves, to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Do you recognize that Jesus Christ is in you—or do you fail the test?” You’ll find this practice useful in judging your spiritual condition no matter where you are along life’s path.

From: The Path through the Maze—Answering Life’s Ultimate Question: What Happens After We Die?

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