49. Building on God’s Righteousness

Godliness? How could I ever be thought of as being godly? We often think of godliness as a goal we hope to reach someday. Instead, it’s what we should devote ourselves toward. Godliness is a mindset of pursuit—a quest which keeps us constantly engaged in living to please God.

But by doing so, are we trying to earn God’s favor? Frankly, yes, if it’s His acceptance we’re after. This pitfall can only be avoided by recognizing that it’s impossible to please Him in our own strength. We must instead entrust ourselves to God’s grace, building on the righteousness which He has already imparted.

It’s true that we are commanded to pursue godliness, but this should never stem from trying to become acceptable to God. Rather, it’s a sincere commitment to a walk with Him—rooted, sustained, and perfected through all that He has provided. It’s something we now do because of who we now are.

From Free from the Power of Sin: the Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself

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