140. Freedom of Choice

We were created for union with God. Children forever share a blood relationship with their parents; they will always be family. God sees us this same way. For Him the gift of family will never be forgotten, and therefore His promises are irrevocable. Yet this doesn’t mean we can’t separate ourselves from His purpose through neglect or outright rejection. People can, and do. Children often reject heartbroken parents, who are incapable of restoring relationship with them no matter how hard they try.

The problem isn’t on God’s end; it’s on ours. We always have a path to God if we choose to take it. But beware—judgment is coming to separate the sheep from the goats! Judgment would be impossible without freedom of choice on our part. Free will is the reflection of God’s nature in our own. This is fundamental to God’s purpose for the destiny of mankind.

From: The Path through the Maze—Answering Life’s Ultimate Question: What Happens After We Die?

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