116. A Clear Commitment

Speaking of Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast, the week required for such a celebration is a long time to take out of one’s busy life. And it’s all the more challenging when we don’t understand how special the occasion will actually be. It’s the same way in taking that first step toward God. Maybe we don’t have the full picture. But God promises that His event is one not to be missed, and He’s immensely gratified when we jump at His offer.

But we need to be careful. There’s no “Maybe” on God’s RSVP card.  He takes no pleasure in a person who submits his life to Him begrudgingly. With Jesus we’re either all in or all out; there is no middle ground. Saying yes to Christ means receiving Him not only as Savior, but also as Lord of our life. For this reason it’s the toughest decision any of us will ever make.

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