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Mine From The Beginning

I love you, and I chose you and designated you to be Mine from the very beginning of time. I hand picked you, fashioned you and created you. I designed every detail, gave you gifts, talents and personality. You are unique and there is no one else exactly like you. Never has been, never will be. You are My temple where My Holy Spirit resides. You house the God of Gods the Creator of all. My very presence is in you. Never underestimate the power of My Holy Spirit who resides in you. You are holy, blameless and beyond reproach. Let Me live through you My child. Let go of all fear and believe that I desire to live through you. You will do greater things as you allow Me to flow through you. Just believe and do not fear. I am your Father and your Creator who loves you with everlasting love. 

Life in Me

My child, don’t get caught up in doing when I am more interested in you being. Being who I created you to be. Be in Me. I am in you. Remain in Me as you go about your day. Walk by My Spirit and you will not carry out the deeds of the flesh. Only as you live in Me will you be able to carry this out. I desire that you walk in newness of life. Life in Me. Daily surrendered, set apart with you mind focused on Me. Only then can I do through you what I have purposed from the beginning of time. Remain in Me.

My child, I have placed eternity in your heart. You get restless because this is not your home. You will never feel completely comfortable here on earth. I designed you to long for your heavenly home during your brief stay here on earth. Be strong and courageous and endure to the end. I have you here for My purposes.


God’s Purpose and Plan for Your Life

My child, you have been searching for a long time for what My purpose and plan is for your life, but it’s in the small daily things that I have for you to do that I am well pleased. Most people don’t realize it’s in these small acts of obedience that results in a life worthy of the calling I have called them to. Faith requires daily obedience. Fruit results from a life connected to the Vine. I have called you to bear much fruit and the only way you can do that is to stay firmly rooted in Me. I cause the fruit to bud, grow and ripen. You are My branch which I use for this process to happen. Your job is to remain faithful and connected. My job is to do the rest. You do your part, let Me do mine.

Rejoice Rest & Receive

My child, your place is in Me. Your home is established in the heavens and I hold your future in My hands. You have nothing to fear. I have created all things for My glory and for My purpose. There is nothing that I don’t know about. Place all your trust in Me. Lay down every vain thing and every empty pursuit. Seek Me and My Kingdom and I will give you all I have prepared for you. Release your hand, open your heart and I will pour forth from My hand all that is in My heart for you. Your place is in Me My child. Come, rejoice, rest and receive.

Trust Me

My child, I’ve given you My word, are you going to believe Me? I’ve asked you to follow Me, will you come? I have given you everything you need to live out this life, will you trust Me? Move out of the realm of doubt and into My marvelous light. Live in My Kingdom. Live by My Spirit. Live in a manner worthy of your calling. My desire is to use you for My purposes while you’re here on earth. Don’t waste another minute living in fear or doubt.

Your Father who is faithful to the end.