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Mine From The Beginning

I love you, and I chose you and designated you to be Mine from the very beginning of time. I hand picked you, fashioned you and created you. I designed every detail, gave you gifts, talents and personality. You are unique and there is no one else exactly like you. Never has been, never will be. You are My temple where My Holy Spirit resides. You house the God of Gods the Creator of all. My very presence is in you. Never underestimate the power of My Holy Spirit who resides in you. You are holy, blameless and beyond reproach. Let Me live through you My child. Let go of all fear and believe that I desire to live through you. You will do greater things as you allow Me to flow through you. Just believe and do not fear. I am your Father and your Creator who loves you with everlasting love. 

What I’ve Called You To Do

My child, I am the One who gives you the ability to walk in a manner worthy of Me. It is My Word that performs its work in you. I have called you with a holy calling, not according to your works, but according to My own purpose and grace which I have granted to you. I began this good work in you and I will complete it. I am at work in you for My good pleasure. Walk in a manner pleasing to Me. Be thankful and walk in humility and gentleness with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love. This is what I’ve called you to do.

1 Thes: 2:12 & 13, 2 Tim. 1:9, Phil 1:6, Phil 2:13, Eph. 4:1, Col 1:10

Your Stay on Earth

My child, don’t be surprised that the world hates you because of My Name, for I was hated by the world when I walked the earth. I have you here for a little while and then you will be with Me for eternity. Endure to the end. Make the most of your short stay here on earth. Accomplish what I have given you to do. Live your life as unto Me. You need no other approval but Mine. Live a joyful, fruitful life. Live in peace and harmony with your brothers and sisters. Make this a better place because you lived a life worthy of your calling and glorified Me to the fullest. Do not let fear, discouragement or shame stop you from what I’ve called you to do. Walk in My power and strength. Stand firm and don’t shrink back. Your reward is with Me.