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Rejoice Rest & Receive

My child, your place is in Me. Your home is established in the heavens and I hold your future in My hands. You have nothing to fear. I have created all things for My glory and for My purpose. There is nothing that I don’t know about. Place all your trust in Me. Lay down every vain thing and every empty pursuit. Seek Me and My Kingdom and I will give you all I have prepared for you. Release your hand, open your heart and I will pour forth from My hand all that is in My heart for you. Your place is in Me My child. Come, rejoice, rest and receive.

Your Real Home

My child, I will give you strength. I have called you but I will not leave you to your own devices. My works will be accomplished. My plans will be established. I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go. I will counsel you with My eye upon you. I will pour out My mercy and lovingkindness. I will lift up your countenance and give you hope. Put your hope in Me alone. Be joyful and sing praises. This is not your home. Remember you are just passing through. Your real home is with Me.