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Beloved, I have provided rest for you, you only need to enter into it. It is available to all who will fix their minds on Me and not on the worries of the world. I am faithful. Do not be counted with those who do not believe Me and could not enter into my rest because of their unbelief. Have faith My child. Enter into the promise of rest, peace and joy that I have already provided for you. I am enough for you. Hebrews 4:11

Make The Most Of It

My child, continue to be faithful in the little things. In due time I will release you into more. Each step has lessons. Each day is important. Learn to enjoy every day and make the most of it. Be engaged. Be joyful. Be intimate with Me in every situation. Don’t be so consumed with some future event that you miss out on what I’m doing today. I am here now. Make the most of today.


My child, as you are faithful in the small things, I will bring you more. With more comes more responsibility. Remain in Me and I will give you the ability and strength you’ll need for the outpouring to come. Revival is coming and the harvest is ripe. I need laborers. You will see much fruit as you stay close to Me and remain faithful.

Matthew 25:23  Matthew 9:37-38