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My Grace

My child, My grace is sufficient. My love is enough. I am all you need. Don’t try to figure things out or find another way. Just trust Me. Believe Me and follow Me. I will live through you. I will love through you. I will accomplish My plan as you walk in obedience to Me. Rest in My love. Let My love pour through you and those around you will be affected. All you need to do is abide in Me and I will abide in you and you will bear much fruit in the process.

Keep Believing

Keep believing when times are tough
Don’t give up when there isn’t enough
Trust Me to provide fro all your needs
Then go out in the world and plant some seeds
A word of encouragement, a call to a friend
Is there a relationship that you need to mend?
Pray for the sick, the lost, the needy
And with your money, don’t be greedy
Have faith, love freely, experience My joy
This life is a test, a trial and you’ll pass in knowing
That Jesus died and took your place
All you need to do is believe and accept His grace
Heaven is real, eternity is true
Where you spend it is up to you!

Righteousness a Gift?

It’s easy for us to think of salvation as being a free gift of grace, but righteousness is often a different story. Yet righteousness before God comes exclusively as a free gift from Him as well. Here’s how Paul puts it: “… those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” (Romans 5:17). Truly magnificent, isn’t it? But as wonderful as this is, it’s merely the starting point in our walk of faith.

The question is how the reality of God’s righteousness, having now become our own, plays out in the believer over the course of his life. What about our old nemesis: sin? How is it that God can allow our ongoing struggle with sin to exist right alongside the awesome position of righteousness we now have in Christ? The incredible gift of God’s grace has everything to do with it! In Christ, God has actually caused us to die to sin itself.

By Grace Alone

By grace alone we have been made righteous. We tend to think of righteousness as having become acceptable to God. But righteousness is much more than merely being acceptable. Rather, it is rooted in the fact that Christ is now in us, and we in Him.(Colossians 2:27)

The promise of the Gospel is a gift. Our righteousness can never be earned by working toward it. The truth is, redemption means that we have actually become the righteousness of God Himself.(2 Corinthians 5:21) In Christ Jesus we have been granted an almost unbelievable status with God. But believe it we must, since by faith we have been reconciled to God and consequently have been made righteous.

Unearned Favor

Why is falling back under law so instinctive to us? I suppose one reason is that it’s hard to believe that God could so freely and completely forgive our sin. Could He really be that generous? Yes, as a matter of fact! This overwhelming generosity is what Scripture calls grace.(Romans 3:24)

The definition of grace in the Greek is: “A favor done without expectation of return; the absolutely free expression of the loving kindness of God to men finding its only motive in the bounty and benevolence of the Giver; unearned and unmerited favor.”

God’s grace just naturally flows from a key attribute of His nature: mercy. Mercy is the pillar of God’s redemptive gift, and grace is the means by which He administers it.(Romans 5:20-21)

My Grace

My child, My beauty is all around you. My creation speaks of My wonder and grace. Grace that is sufficient for you in this present moment. Let My love be the filter and focus of your life. Keep Me and My grace in your mind always. You are an extension of My love. Let Me soak you in My love today.

Grace And Knowledge

My child, grow in the grace and knowledge I have given you. My unmerited favor is extended to all who come to Me. My word is available, alive and active. Come and sit in My Presence. Soak in al the love, grace, mercy and joy that I am offering you today. Rest in Me today. It’s where you find peace in this world.            2 Peter 3:18

Appreciating Judgment

For most of us, the word judgment carries with it some pretty nasty overtones. Punishment being imposed for wrongdoing is usually what think of when we hear that word. But doesn’t it just as often result in a reward for doing right? Think of opposing parties in a court battle. The loser is indeed punished, but the winner ends up being rewarded.

Righteousness through Christ provides the pretext for positive judgment by God. The evil done in our former life doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when covered over by the extravagant grace God lavishes upon us. And His grace is not only bountiful, but inexhaustible What I mean to say is, it’s not only meant to cover our pre-redemptive sin, but our troubling shortcomings subsequent to our salvation as well. Good news? You bet! Thank God for judgment!