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My child, I have gifted you with unique gifts. Gifts that only you possess. I have placed My Holy Spirit in you to ignite and use these gifts as you allow Me full access to your heart. The more you surrender to Me, the more you will see these gifts in operation. Just like a snowflake, so are you. There is not another human being exactly like you. Let Me mold you and shape you into My image so you will be a reflection of My glory. Give Me your whole heart so I can shine through you.

Romans 8:29

What Are You Saying?

My child, watch what comes out of your mouth. It’s not only what goes in your mouth that shapes you, but also what comes out. For as your mouth speaks, so your heart believes. What you say to yourself and others will shape your life. Start speaking words of faith, hope and love and stop speaking words of doubt, fear and despair. Let the weak say I am strong and trust Me for great things.

Joel 3:10b