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You Are Unique

My child, I want you to be happy with yourself. I want you to fall in love with your Creator, who fashioned every part of your frame. I created you to be unique and distinctive. To be set apart from all others. I know and cherish every hair on your head. I love every bit of you. Do you think it honors Me when you loath what I have created? The enemy has had his way with you way too long. Believe Me when I tell you to let go of self hatred, self ridicule and self loathing. It is not who I created you to be. Let it go and fall into My loving healing arms. Let Me caress every part of you. You cannot do anything or change anything about yourself to make Me love you more. I am head over heals madly in love with the one I created. Be who you are. Be who I created you to be. Stop trying to be what you think others want you to be. Fall into My arms and I will love you back to who I long for you to be ~ yourself ~ your beautiful, lovely, unique self. How can you love your neighbor as yourself when you don’t even like yourself? 

Gifted and Anointed

My child, just because someone else is doing something for Me, doesn’t mean I have called you to it. Listen to what I am telling you. I have gifted and anointed you in a unique way. It won’t look like anyone else. Obey what I tell you and don’t worry about what others think. Set your heart on pleasing Me and not the world. Then you will experience My peace, joy and fulfillment.

Be You

My child, live the life I have called you to live. Be the person I have made you to be. Don’t try to be like someone else. You have the gifts I have given you. You are unique. You don’t have to try to act like something or someone you’re not.


My child, I have gifted you with unique gifts. Gifts that only you possess. I have placed My Holy Spirit in you to ignite and use these gifts as you allow Me full access to your heart. The more you surrender to Me, the more you will see these gifts in operation. Just like a snowflake, so are you. There is not another human being exactly like you. Let Me mold you and shape you into My image so you will be a reflection of My glory. Give Me your whole heart so I can shine through you.

Romans 8:29