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Taste and See

My child, seek Me and I will answer you. I will deliver you from all your fears. You will never be ashamed. I hear your cry and I save you from all your troubles. My angels surround you and rescue you. O taste and see that I am good. How blessed are you who take refuge in Me.

Psalm 34:4-7

“O Lord, help us to believe You and Your word today. Help us to take our thoughts captive and proclaim your truth. Help us to replace fear with faith and shame with confidence in You. Let us taste and see that You are good and that we are blessed because we take refuge in You. You are our Deliverer. You are our Savior. You are God above every living thing. Our trust is in You today.”

Lasting Joy

My child, I brought you forth also into a broad place, I rescued you, because I delight in you. You have no need to worry or fret. I delight in you and I will care for you. I love you with an everlasting love. I am your rock, your fortress and your deliverer. Live in the peace that I provide for you. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your peace. The only way to lasting joy is to abide in Me and My word, believe Me and My word and walk by My Spirit according to My word.

Psalm 18:19