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Faith vs. Belief

It’s helpful to understand that while the terms faith and belief carry the same meaning when used in Scripture, this is not necessarily the case in the secular use of these terms. In the secular context one can certainly believe something whether or not he first hopes for it. So belief may differ from faith in that regard.

Can you see how our Biblical belief in God can vary dramatically from the way a worldly person is likely to perceive it? Understanding the difference between the two can help greatly when sharing with nonbelievers about belief in God.

Belief Systems

My child, your belief system will determine your life. Believe in Me and My Word and you will live. But if you believe the lies of the evil one you will be miserable and be lead to destruction. Be careful what you put your mind to. Be careful what you read and who you hang out with. The enemy is a deceiver and the father of lies. I bring truth and my truth sets you free.

John 8:32

Perfect Timing

My child, My timing is always perfect. All you need to do is trust Me. When you worry excessively and remain anxious, it proves that you don’t have your trust fully in Me. Make the commitment to believe Me instead of fearing the future. Choose to put all your trust in Me instead of trying to control your circumstances. Have faith instead of living in unbelief. Your actions prove what you believe. Choose to believe Me.

The Missing Ingredient

My child, the missing ingredient is belief. So many people walk around in unbelief. They choose to believe the lies of Satan. I’m asking you to believe Me. I’m asking you to stop believing all the lies you’ve been fed over the years and start living in the reality of My truth. Get over doubt, fear and unbelief and start walking in truth, power and love. The same power that conquered the grave lives in you. Walk in My power.

I’m asking you to take your thoughts captive on a daily basis. What you think will determine how you act. It’s a daily, moment by moment process. Choose to set your mind on Me and My truth. Choose to believe Me and My word. Choose to live in My reality. I came to give you abundant life. Choose to live the abundant life today.

Faith is no Cake-walk

God does not normally reveal Himself in a way that our physical senses can perceive Him, so this is why faith is required on our part. Now I’m not suggesting that God doesn’t allow us to be aware of His presence; He does. Our experience of Him, however, comes by spiritual means—not physical. But why would God keep Himself hidden at all? Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply appear to us periodically to tell us what He wants? Well, that wouldn’t require faith, would it? Our inability to grasp Him by our natural senses makes faith indispensable. Faith is at the very heart of God’s plan for us. That’s why Scripture tells us that it’s impossible for man to satisfy God without it (Hebrews 11:6). But since faith is so contrary to everything instinctive to our humanity, believing Him will never be all that easy. To be sure, it appears that He never meant it to be! (Romans 8:24-25)

(Excerpted from “Free from the Power of Sin: The Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself”)