Humble Yourself

You know what happens to this world. It is written in My Word. You need not be concerned about the timing for I know the timing and that is My concern. Your job is to be renewed in your spirit. Even your earthly body will fade away, but I have placed eternity in your heart and that is where I dwell. Seek Me there. Find Me there. Be renewed day by day so when you see the day approaching you will be joyfully looking forward to our reunion in your heavenly home, your rich inheritance, and our glorious life together. In the meantime, rest in Me. Be obedient to My Word. Be surrendered daily and feed My sheep. There is a hungry and thirsty world out there and you have been chosen to be My representative. You are My hands and feet in this needy world. The harvest is ripe. Open your mouth and I will fill it with living water to quench this thirsty generation. Be open and willing to go where I send you and do whatever I tell you. Be willing to serve rather than be served. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and I will raise you up. Self must die so I can live through you.