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My child, so many people follow after other gods. They are distracted and filled with pride and rebellion. I want your focus to be completely on Me. Do you feel Me drawing you closer? Thank Me for what ever you are going through that makes you stick close to Me. It usually involves suffering to get your attention. Thank Me for your suffering. For you will come out the other side closer, deeper and more intimately related to Me than before.

Law was a Must!

Prior to his sin being exposed by God’s commandment, Adam didn’t realize that he harbored rebellion in his heart, since there was no standard by which it could have been measured. But there is no doubt that this weakness was there, because as soon as law arrived, sin was right there on its heels.(Romans 7:7)

God most likely wanted Adam to stay away from that tree well before He ever gave the commandment, but Adam couldn’t be blamed if he didn’t know it was wrong to eat of its fruit. So had he eaten it prior to God’s command, he would not have been held guilty of any offence.(Romans 4:15)

Still, had law never been given, Adam’s self-willed nature (sin in the flesh) would have been just as destructive over time. Why? Because the self-interest inherent in his nature would naturally have come into play as he interacted with his offspring—and they with him. The only difference here is that, in the absence of law, guilt for their sin could not be charged to them. It’s not hard to see why, then, law is so necessary in God’s eyes.(Galatians 3:19, Romans 3:20)

There’s no question that it was imperative for God to impose such a standard, because in the absence of law mankind would have rapidly self-destructed.(Romans 7:13)

The Cancer of Pride

Have you noticed the blemish of pride in people around you? I see it wherever I turn. Having been in the world of business for the past several decades, I’ve witnessed enough pride to last me several lifetimes. But this isn’t only an issue among the rich and powerful; pride affects the poor just as easily. And pride obviously runs rampant in the Church, often marked both by the self-promotion of its leaders and the obstinacy of its members.

Pride not only manifests itself in rebellion against God, but is also the cause of harm to our relationships with others. The root of pride in our nature makes us feel like we’re better than those around us. This cancer spans the common experience of man, from the personal level to interaction between nations. It is witnessed in our offensive attitudes and behavior toward one another, and in extreme cases even results in crimes against humanity. So it’s not hard to see why God cannot tolerate the festering of pride in His children. It’s just too destructive. And on the flip side, this is precisely why humility is such a coveted virtue in God’s eyes.

Pride & Rebellion

Receive counsel My child and live. Be on the alert for every form of pride and rebellion in yourself. This is why I require you to fully surrender all to Me so you won’t be trapped in pride and rebellion. Peace comes only when you are wholly devoted and fully surrendered to Me.

“Through insolence comes nothing but strife, but wisdom is with those who receive counsel.” Proverbs 13:10