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My People

When My people who are called by My Name repent and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal them and their land. I will remove the reproach of their enemies. I will tear down the barrier walls in their hearts. I will remove the veil of deception and bring them into the light of My Son. Salvation comes to those who believe and confess. Redemption is near to the broken-hearted who release their sorrows and trust in Me. My saving power is available to all who come and all who are seeking. Turn your heart toward Me. Remove unbelief and doubt. Trust in the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. you will not be disappointed.

Hold On To Truth

My child, you are here on earth for a brief moment of time. Make the most of each day. See what I am doing in the moment. Be kind, be just and humbly walk with Me. Learn to cherish the little things. Too often you look for the grand when I am working in the small. I love people and My desire is that none should perish. Hold on to what you have heard Me tell you. Hold on to truth. My Word is your compass and will be your guide. Many come to deceive. Don’t believe their lies. Press on in the power of My Holy Spirit. I lead your way to victory.

Micah 6:8   2 Peter 3:9 

Conflict, Confusion, Deception

My child, as long as you are on this earth, you will feel conflicted because your true home is with Me. When you practice living in My Presence you experience My Peace. That is why I am encouraging you to do this more and more. Outside of My Presence conflict, confusion and deception are readily available and willing to capture your thoughts. Be diligent and continually practice living in My Presence.


My child, I am your Provider, your Protector and your Shield. I alone am your Savior and Deliverer. Never look to the world for your deliverance. It’s in Me alone that you are saved, healed and delivered. The world will try to convince you that it has all the answers, but I alone am your answer. Put your trust in Me and not the world and it’s deceptive culture. The world will try to drag you down, but I will lift you up.