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Take Courage

My child, there will be trouble in this world, but take courage, I have overcome the world. Seek Me in the hard times. Rejoice and be glad. Faith requires you to believe that I am working even when you can’t see anything happening. Keep your eyes on Me and don’t dwell on the circumstance. Leave the outcome in My capable hands.

John 16:33

Release It All

My child, as you release the old out of your life, I will fill you with the new. A new way of thinking and a new way of doing things. You are coming into a season of living a totally surrendered and wholly devoted life. This has been a process in you, but as it intensifies, the devil will fight you from releasing the last bit of self to Me. Oh, but when you do My child, you will wonder why you ever hung onto it. Come now. Come willing. I will show you great and wonderful things. Things you wouldn’t ever be able to think or imagine on your own. Come and explore the adventure I have set before you. Yes, it takes faith. Yes, it takes courage. Yes, it requires your all. But it’s so worth it. Won’t you trust Me?

There Is Reward For Your Work

My child, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work. Serve Me with a thankful heart. Rejoice and be glad. Do not seek your reward from man, but leave the outcome and rewards to Me. I alone satisfy your soul. Never look to this world for fulfillment. It will disappoint you every time.

2 Chronicles 15:7