My child, as long as you are on this side of heaven you will be conflicted, because I created you and designed you to be with Me in heaven for eternity. But I have placed you here on earth for a short time and your heart and soul desires its true home. There in lies the conflict. Abide in Me, for in Me you will know peace. But I will not take away the desire to be with Me. That never goes away. When you abide in Me you will discover your true purpose for being here and will walk in fullness of joy. So many people are depressed and messed up because they refuse to abide in Me, so they experience conflict without peace. I have called you to a higher life, rooted and grounded in Me, flowing with the river of life. A light shining in the darkness and one who rules and reigns and walks in My love and authority. Abiding in Me is the key to this fantastic life here on earth until we’re together, in your true home. Be courageous and fight the good fight. Stay connected to Me and I will make your path straight.