Cast Out All Doubt

My child, why do you continue to doubt? Why do you let seeds of doubt take root in your mind? Replace all doubt with belief. Choose to believe what I have told you. Let My truth go deep in you. Meditate, see and believe. I do not perform many miracles where doubt is allowed to prevail. Only when you choose to believe will you see My mighty hand move mountains. So cast out all doubt. Be done with it. Choose to believe today and watch the impossible unfold before your very eyes.

2 thoughts on “Cast Out All Doubt

  1. Sharon

    Just what I needed today!! Not just for my own challenge to “choose” to be believe that God still does miracles today in each of our lives, but also for our nation that God’s man will become our president. May God’s mercy and sovereign will prevail today and the days ahead in Jesus’ Name, bringing us His Nehemiah and Ezra together to rebuild our nation and hearts. God is our God of “second chances.” Thank you.


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