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God spoke through a stink bug

God spoke to me through a stink bug this morning…I saw a stink but down in the garage a couple of days ago, but didn’t do anything about it. Well this morning I saw him again on his back with his legs wiggling struggling to turn over. I took a pencil and helped him back on this feet. Immediately his butt went up in the air! Then the oddest thing happened. He fell back over onto his back! I felt God saying to me that even though He tries to help people in their time of need, their response is ‘defensive’ and then they go back to their prior situation even though it’s killing them. Weather it’s out of being in their comfort zone, not wanting to be told what to do, or a defense mechanism, we’re not too far off from being a stink bug. See where God is trying to help you and embrace it, don’t fight it! Your life will smell a lot better when you are obedient to Him!


The Quiet Place

My child, come in to that alone, quiet place with Me. Come and sit still in My presence. There I will soothe your soul and reveal My heart to you. Steal away throughout your day. Take time to just sit before Me. Quiet your mind and heart so I can speak to you. Make this a discipline in your life and you will hear My voice. The more you do it, the more you’ll hear from Me. I don’t shout. I won’t yell. I come in the whisper of the quiet places, when all distractions are set aside. That’s when you’ll hear My voice, in the quiet place. 1 Kings 19: 11&12.