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Strength Training

Do you want to be strong and have your body work properly? Do you want to move and not hurt all the time? I believe we’ve got to start using our muscles or we’re going to lose them. You’ve probably heard it said that you lose muscle as you age. Well I decided that I wanted to start building my muscles up. Right before my 50th birthday I made a commitment to myself. I was going to lose some fat and gain some muscle. I had a few dumbbells, a weight bench and a wonderful universal machine that was given to me down in my garage. No excuses! I set a goal to start lifting on a regular basis. I followed a split routine workout plan that worked each one of my muscles twice a week. I also followed a diet that would feed my muscles before and after my workouts. In 49 days I actually gained 2 pounds of lean body mass and dropped 6 pounds of fat! Since then I have realized the importance of including a strength training program into my workout routine. I noticed my metabolism has increased. The reason is your metabolic rate speeds up when you increase your lean body mass, and you actually burn more calories even while you’re resting. That was music to my ears! Who doesn’t want a faster metabolism?  Check with your doctor and if you’re clear to lift, start a strength training program. There are a variety of books, gyms, trainers available to help you get started. You can transform your body in as little as 49 days!

PS: Women don’t bulk up….unless they lift massive amounts of weights, eat massive amounts of food or take steroids. But you will get firm, shapely muscles. Men can build muscles. They’ve got what it takes. Testosterone!