Run to God when you Sin

Hidden sin, by its very nature, opens wide the floodgates of guilt and shame. So, a negative reaction is no surprise: “I’ll just bury this thing a little deeper so no one will ever discover who I really am.” Satan has used shame in countless lives persuading God’s people to back-slide, where alienation from Him becomes a way of life. Just think how being more open about our weakness would serve to cripple this strategy the devil so routinely exploits.

Instead of allowing sin to drive us from God, we need to run to God when we sin. This can be difficult, though, because we’ve been taught to behave ourselves. And when we don’t, our conscience tells us we must clean up our act before we can ever turn to God. After all, how else can we feel worthy enough to deserve His help? False thinking, I know, but very real all the same.