Going Deeper

My child, I am here with you. I am your refuge. I am your peace. Come to Me now and bring to Me what troubles your soul. Give Me what breaks your heart. I am here. I am your comfort. When the fire rages I am your Living Water that quenches the flames. I desire to go deep with you My child. Sometimes going deeper includes suffering. Suffering is not meant to break you, but to embolden you, to draw you closer to Me and burn off all the dross so that the reflection of My is evident to all. I am doing a purifying work. Let that work do its job. You are My pure and spotless bride. I died so that you would be reconciled to the Holy Father, presented to Him holy and blameless. Because of My death and resurrection you now have that position. This temporary suffering allows you to experience the deeper more intimate relationship I desire. Come to Me and bring Me your pain. I am what you need. Release and surrender everything. I have so much for you, but it requires complete release and surrender.

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About Karen Lemburg

Hi I'm Karen, wife, mother and grandmother. I am on the journey of a more intimate relationship with God. I'm blessed to married to a wonderful husband who is also in pursuit of intimacy with our Lord. We work together in real estate and ministry. We have four children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.