Opening up to God’s Touch

It’s a bit presumptuous to think that we could be transformed into the image of Christ merely by our own efforts. None of us believe this, of course, but we sure act like it! Under the guise of gathering knowledge and seeking wisdom, we are convinced that we can grow into what God intended. Not so! While attaining wisdom and knowledge is crucial to our growth, it’s not the key element.

The Apostle Paul prays that we will be “…strengthened with power through the Spirit in the inner man.” True transformation lies with God alone. Our chief responsibility is to open ourselves up to His shaping hand, while screening the windows of our heart to keep out the flies. Sounds easy enough, but in reality the cutting away of our self-life can be very painful. It’s the finished product we’re after—the life of God within. Try laying yourself open to Jesus each day. You won’t be sorry.