Don’t Despise the Small Things

Sown all around the hem of Aaron’s robe were “blue and scarlet pomegranates, with gold bells between them.” The tinkling of the bells accentuated the duties he was performing, just as the gifts of the Spirit tend to draw attention to God’s power through us today. But what about the pomegranates? If the bells represent spiritual gifts, maybe the pomegranates speak of the fruit of the Spirit.

Makes sense. But why pomegranates? Why not apples or oranges? Well, the answer jumps out when we break the pomegranate open. Inside are hundreds of tiny fruits, each with its own seed. It makes me think about the little things I’m able to do, and what impact each of those small good works might have on those around me. Often what seems somewhat insignificant is what’s actually vitally important. And planting godly seed in in this way is easily within our grasp.