Unchartered Waters

Come to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest. Come sit in My Presence and I will fill you with all you need to complete the work I have given you to do. When I am working through you, you will be able to not only do what I am asking you to do, but you will do it with joy. Some things may feel impossible to you, but all things are possible when I am in control. I will lead you in unchartered waters, but the storms will not overwhelm you. I will get you safely to the other side and you will experience Me in the journey. Take My hand and walk with Me. Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead. Don’t hold onto what is behind. Trust Me today with what I have for you. It may seem like a risk to you, but I have you firmly in My hands. Don’t settle for comfortable and safe. Step out into the life I’ve called you to. You will enjoy the ride.

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Hi I'm Karen, wife, mother and grandmother. I am on the journey of a more intimate relationship with God. I'm blessed to married to a wonderful husband who is also in pursuit of intimacy with our Lord. We work together in real estate and ministry. We have four children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.