Needing to Work for God’s Grace

A constant theme in Paul’s writings is freedom from law. But this truth isn’t easy to accept because we instinctively feel the need to work for God’s grace. So time and again we see Christians falling back into works in an attempt to ensure their standing with God.
        But doesn’t it seem a bit silly that, once being saved, we would willingly abandon our life of liberty? Think back to what your life was like when Jesus rescued you from your sin. In and of ourselves, could any of us have achieved righteousness in God’s eyes? Of course not!
        Each and every one of us had to rely totally on Jesus to clean up the mess we’d made of our lives. How, then, could we think that now we might somehow be capable of building relationship with God by our own efforts? Needless to say, it’s impossible in our own strength.

From Free from the Power of Sin: the Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself