Hard Road

My child, I know it has been a hard road for you these past few years. It has been hard work and you feel like life hasn’t been fair. But I allow adversity to shape your life, to cause you to cry out to Me and to trust Me to bring you through to the other side. A beautiful diamond comes out of a rock that has been chipped out, then shaped and polished. It doesn’t look like much at first, but during the process it starts to shine and you can see what’s there. You are My diamond. The process has been rough, but you are beginning to shine and see the brilliance I have made coming through. Do not despise the chipping and shaping process. Embrace it and I will bring forth your beauty as you allow Me to shape you. Embrace Me, for I am the One that shines through you. Without Me, you are just another rock. Hard, cold and useless. But with Me, you are a gem. Precious, valuable and able to shine in this dark world.

Your Father who has always been there.