One Giant Step

The step of faith is one of immense proportions. It bridges the superficial nod of the intellect to the true belief of the heart. I was once seated next to a guy who had not asked Christ into His life yet accepted the fact that God did indeed exist. We got into a prolonged discussion about Jesus but came to no conclusion as to what he might do about taking that big step.
        Finally I asked the critical question: “Are you willing to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you? And if He does, would you be willing to give your life to Him? His answer? “No!” I appreciated his brutal honesty. He knew something really significant was required on his part. That’s why his answer had to be “no.” It was the price he was unwilling to pay. It was the fear of giving up control of his life.

From: The Path through the Maze—Answering Life’s Ultimate Question: What Happens After We Die?