Come And Be Filled

In My Presence is where I want you to be. In My Holy of Holies is where I can be found. Dwell there with Me. Come and rest in My Presence. Be refreshed and filled. This world will wear you out if you let it. You need to come to Me often to get recharged for the task at hand. Do not try to go it alone. You have all My power at your disposal. Operate in My strength, then you won’t burn out or exhaust yourself. When I was here walking on earth, I went away often to a secluded place to be with My Father. You need to do that too. Don’t neglect time with Me. Make it your top priority. Come and be filled. I anxiously await you. For it is My pleasure to pour out on you all My joy, strength, power and authority to accomplish that which I’ve called you to do.